Testimonials: Trauma, Toxic Stress and the Impact on Children

Real strategies to work with kids and families that have dealt with trauma.
I am honored to have the opportunity to have taken this training with such educated, seasoned clinicians.
Both science + Experienced based = Great!
I learned so much! Entertaining and kept things moving along.
The majority of the children that I work with are effected by trauma in one way or another. Attending the Trauma, Toxic Stress & The Effects On Children presented by Dr. Joyce Gilbert and Jill Hicks has been so beneficial in my work with these children.
Having Dr. Gilbert explain the physical effects on the brain and body of a person effected by trauma opened my eyes to so many of the behaviors that I am presented with daily. I had no idea how much the body is effected and altered by trauma. It has helped me understand what is happening during an outburst and how I can help the child. Before I thought that the child should knock it off and quit throwing a fit because I thought that the child had control over their behavior. Since the training I have been able to help children deescalate during a meltdown. Having an understanding of what is happening both physically and mentally has been so beneficial.
I have used so many of the grounding techniques that Jill Hicks taught and have made great progress with many of my students. Jill’s knowledge and insight as a counselor helped me and gave me so many tools that I use daily.
I highly recommend this training and would love to attend more workshops and training that these ladies present in the future.

J. Hewitt